You think the situation is dark, beyond solution and uncertain

When the things are not doing what it is supposed to and you don’t understand why

When everything keeps going wrong, no matter how hard you try.

When collectively you all reckon that there is a something to solve.


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Got you covered.

What is AstroStrategist?

AstroStrategist is a mentor who helps the growth and performance planning in order that the individual or industry can bring about changes in their lives, processes. He is not just an advisor, but the process definer for High performers, byzantine maze situations in life or business. With AstroStrategist high performers can make the chances of success greater in an over demanding work. AstroStrategist is your mentor who guides you through a rough patch of your life. AstroStrategist can fix all your wrongs with sure moves in life, business where you are caught in lots of uncertainty.

Who is he?

He is Hirav Shah. Cross Border well claimed in the corporate world, films, politics, Sports.

30 minutes with Hirav Shah can change many aspects





“Give me 6 months of your life and feel the difference” – Hirav Shah

AstroStrategist can settle all your mess with assured moves

AstroStrategist helps you to control certain elements you completely missed out



Cause you think Success is at risk


You are High-performer, noted, celebrated, usually you do not take your culture, dignity, class, status for granted. You plan it, monitor it and manage it so well that it stays in line with your goals. Yet something unknown pops up that challenge your resilience.
Any organization, known person disconnecting the culture and plan is putting their success at risk. AstroStrategist is a perfect nexus between culture, strategy and targets. The one knows Astro based management methods where an order of talks, meets are used to clear the roadblocks, enhance well-being and performance. You don’t see what AstroStratgist sees. AstroStratgist don’t leave your culture unattended while drafting or reviewing your strategy.

With AstroStrategist Big change happens.

Why Hirav?

He supports.
He listens.
He enhances your self esteem.
He clears dead blocks.
He can be asked for help anytime.
He can be fitted in any position.
He is real strategy definer.
He is your business coach.
He is your performance coach.
He provides resilience in tough time.
He can create combative growth on no hope land.
He sparks your business outcome.
He lifts your sports strategy to a noteworthy outcome.
He drives Hollywood-Broadway endeavors to new heights.
He adds ingredients until you have the right recipe.

AstroStrategist provides new approach to a complex situation

AstroStrategist helps when bad patch looks certain


to Approach

Unlock your aim

Share your goal statement


Get Astro rational plan


Spare 30 minutes to discuss

Be open and Be without mask


Bag full satisfaction for you

Feeling blue?

Let’s move out of current state

A more promising situation, real transformation for you and your concerns

GROW as a way of achieving goals and solving problems



  Your Goal is the end point where you want to be. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very clear to you when you have achieved it.


The Current Reality is where are you now? What are the issues, the challenges, how far are they away from their goal?



There are Obstacles stopping you from reaching your goal. Hirav finds Options of dealing with them if you are ready to progress.


The Options then are converted into action steps which will take you to your goal. These are the Way Forward.

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Tell me about your challenges. What is your aim? Where you want to be? What do you want to achieve? Or simply not sure what you want?

30- 60 minutes meet or talk with Hirav Shah for a fees $250

one time non refundable consultancy fees

Hire an AstroStrategist Hirav Shah for a minimum fees $10000

for your existing or new project

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