Here are some common questions about AstroStrategist.


Who is Astrostrategist?

Astrostrategist Hirav Shah is an astrological research professional analyst–atrategist.

Why do i need your services?

May be you reached your goals. Got the desired incalculable assets, status of being a very famous. Have all the trappings. But then, now what? What’s beyond achievements? What do you do when you have everything in your hand at your will?This time you feel loosing the track, going away from what you set for yourself.Self doubts, stuck position, unsure moves, what next dilemmas, burden situations all can be silenced with the help of AstroStrategist.
AstroStrategist will help you get back on track.

Tell us briefly about program model?

The Astro study based model of behavior change is an integrative theory of therapy that assesses an individual’s readiness to act on a new healthier adoptable behavior, and provides right strategies, or processes of change to guide the individual.
Astro Strategies that can help them make and maintain positive change throughout the challenging situations.

Who is Hirav Shah?

HIRAV SHAH is globally acclaimed in the corporate world, sports, films and politics. His expertise often sourced in international award functions, strategy based solution, finding vigor in hardship. He has also been instrumental in providing a clear perspective to many people to stay clear about their goals and the direction they would like to head in.

I am a celebrity to the world. My question to you ... ?

I got your point thank you.
And don’t worry – everything we do together, will take place in the tight certitude. I do not talk to the media, people about the work I do with my clients.
I carry a notably low profile and ensures confidentiality of all consultations to all celebrity clients.

Who uses AstroStrategist?

Corporate world in all branding processes. Any business professional wants to overcome complex situations.
Politician, election campaigners, political consultants.
Entertainment industry like Hollywood, Broadway, etc
Sports industry, athletes, coaches , federations, league owners.
Venturists, capitalists, investors etc
All press media, television industry

Who uses AstroStrategist?

Corporate world in all branding processes. Any business professional wants to overcome complex situations.
Politician, election campaigners, political consultants.
Entertainment industry like Hollywood, Broadway, etc
Sports industry, athletes, coaches , federations, league owners.
Venturists, capitalists, investors etc
All press media, television industry


Who uses Astrostrategist in sports?

International Athletes, Sportsmen, National players, First class player, University players, League players
Government, Non-governmental governing bodies, Committees, Sports Professionals, Team managers, League management,Sports administrators, Tournament designers
League Owners, Team owners, Other stake holders
Venture capitalist, Endorsers, Marketers, Talent managers
Sports Channels (TV, Radio, Digital), Media people, Sports Magazines

Is the program suggested by you identical?

No, not at all. Challenges are different. So the application path is different.
Example : Game day planning by media is different than that of league owner or player.The challenges are even different every game-day.

We are football league managers, how can we avail your services?

The best and most successful sport organizations rely on recruiting, developing and retaining the best sports professionals, team managers, league management and sports administrators or to design tournaments. If you are looking to improve your people’s management or leadership skills, Astrology can put you on right direction to take right decision on right timing.


Can Astrology help you to make your brand stronger?

Ever think of using astrology for business? Can astrology be used to predict the success of the business? There are two parts of the answer of this question. First is that you can apply the principles of astrology for a separate entity. And second is that you can use your own astrology such as birth charts to indicate the success in your business. Combining both parts, we will get an answer “YES”. Astrology can help you to make growth in your business and to make your brand stronger. Most of the successful entrepreneurs believe that timing is everything and that is why they take help of Astro-Strategist or business astrologer to get an advantage of running the business successfully.

Doing business can be a crucial decision for most of the people. Because it takes hard work, right strategies and luck. Although a decision to do business comes naturally to some people but when you wish to succeed you have to gather some of the insights of the astrology. Because it can push you towards success. As per Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, let’s see how astrology helps you to run your business successfully.

How does working with a you help? Any example

Any change management is faced with the fundamental difficulties of integration and navigation, and human factors.AstroStrategist works on these 3 factors. Model process is as follows
Plan – establish objectives and processes
Do – implement the plan, execute the process, make the product
Check – study actual results and compare against the expected results
Act – enact new standards

Example – Synchronizing market approach with strategy
One of the fastest growing apparel brand, also owned by one of the highest paid actor, due to of financial pressure and liabilities was unable to function to its best. Due to of bad situation, company started process to shut all his businesses from market. The share holding pattern was altered. Re-branding and restructuring was done. De-merger and relisting on stock market were done. Now company on huge success. Achieved in 6 months.

How can we judge, it's time for Astro-strategic management?

To determine whether you or your company could benefit from plan, start by summarizing what you would expect to accomplish. When an individual or business has a fairly clear idea of the desired outcome, a partnership can be a useful tool for developing a strategy for how to achieve that outcome with greater ease.

Since this is a union of multitasking, ask yourself whether collaboration, other viewpoints, and new perspectives are valued. Also, ask yourself whether you or your business is ready to devote the time and the energy to making real changes. If the answer is yes, then astro plan may be a beneficial way to grow and develop.

Will this improve my revenue?

Yes, Astrology science can help to increase the sales and revenue of the business organization by taking all the decisions at the right time.


How will you help any celebrity or film?

Whether personal, professional or organizational, astro plan will help you to control and manage change positively.

Unique Astro plan is derived from the following ten processes of change
1]Consciousness-raising (Get the facts) — increasing awareness via information, education, and personal feedback about the healthy behavior.
2]Dramatic relief (Pay attention to feelings) — feeling fear, anxiety, or worry because of the unhealthy behavior, or feeling inspiration and hope when they hear about how people are able to change to healthy behaviors.
3]Self-reevaluation (Create a new self-image) — realizing that the healthy behavior is an important part of who they are and want to be.
4]Environmental reevaluation (Notice your effect on others) — realizing how their unhealthy behavior affects others and how they could have more positive effects by changing.
5]Social liberation (Notice public support) — realizing that society is more supportive of the healthy behavior.
6]Self-liberation (Make a commitment) — believing in one’s ability to change and making commitments and re-commitments to act on that belief.
7]Helping relationships (Get support) — finding people who are supportive of their change.
8]Counter-conditioning (Use substitutes) — substituting healthy ways of acting and thinking for unhealthy ways.
9]Reinforcement management (Use rewards) — increasing the rewards that come from positive behavior and reducing those that come from negative behavior.
10]Stimulus control (Manage your environment) — using reminders and cues that encourage healthy behavior as substitutes for those that encourage the unhealthy behavior.

Who uses AstroStrategist in entertainment industry?

Famous Hollywood stars
Prominent Broadway actors
An established actor or actress
An artist
Research teams
Intellectual property owners
Media Stakeholders
Rights owners
Dignified director
Known producer
Gifted musician
Iconic rock star
Known cameraman
Production person
Main event financiers
Punctual event organizer
Main brand owners
Leading endorser
Principal stakeholders
Prime investors
Chief benefactor
Any entertainer or
authority with the self-evident potential

Which section uses AstroStrategist in entertainment industry?

Film Industry, Television, Media, Theme park, gaming industry, Event Management, Venture who endorses personalities for live events

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